Paracord .30 Cal Sniper HOG TOOTH ...Necklace ...+ 1 Decal ...Blue/Black

Paracord .30 Cal Sniper HOG TOOTH ...Necklace ...+ 1 Decal ...Blue/Black
This is for 1
Dark Ops Tactical Gear
 HogTooth Necklace
Color - Blue Line 

1 - 2nd Amendment 3" Vinyl Decal

**Other Colors & sizes Available in our Store**

The HogTooth necklace is a badge of honor,
worn by Scout-Sniper’s of the Armed Services 
and is earned by blood & sweat by every student that completes 
the Scout-Sniper School.
 It is also worn by LEO and Civilian Shooters alike.

A HOG is a Hunter Of Gunmen .... Scout-Sniper.
A PIG is a Professionally Instructed Gunmen ...
your average infantry soldier. 
HOG's are the hunters of PIG's
This is the symbol of the Sniper's control of the combat zone

Scout Snipers are among the very best Snipers in the world
 Capable of hitting a man with 1 well placed shot, 
from their M40A3 or M40A5 Sniper rifles out past a 1,000 yards. 
This Pendant is made from a 175 grain HPBT. 
This is the EXACT same as used in M118 LR 7.62 NATO ammo 
by all US Snipers in their.30 cal Sniper Rifles. 
The Parachute cord is Military surplus Type - lll 550lbs. 

This HogTooth Necklace is Hand Made In The USA 
By a Former USMC Vietnam Vet
with All made in the USA. 


To Ebay
...contains...No Live Munition 
and CAN NOT be made to fire. 

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