HOG TOOTH .50 Cal Sniper Paracord ...Necklace ...+ 1 Decal ...Desert Camo

HOG TOOTH .50 Cal Sniper Paracord ...Necklace ...+ 1 Decal ...Desert Camo
This is for 1
Dark Ops Tactical Gear
 HogTooth Necklace .50 Cal
Color - Desert Camo
1 - 2nd Amendment 3" Vinyl Decal

**Other Colors & sizes Available in our Store**

The HogTooth necklace is a badge of honor,
worn by Scout-Sniper’s of the Armed Services 
and is earned by blood & sweat by every student that completes 
the Scout-Sniper School.
 It is also worn by LEO and Civilian Shooters alike.

A HOG is a Hunter Of Gunmen .... Scout-Sniper.
A PIG is a Professionally Trained Gunmen ...your average infantry soldier. 
HOG's are the hunters of PIG's.
A Hogs Tooth is the symbol of the Sniper's control of the combat zone

Scout Snipers are among the very best Snipers in the world
 Capable of hitting a man with 1 well placed shot, 
from their M40A3 or M40A5 or .50 cal Sniper rifles 
well out past a 1,000 yards. 

This Pendant is made from a 650 grain .50 cal Round. 
The Parachute cord is Military surplus Type - lll 550lbs. 

This HogTooth Necklace is Hand Made In The USA 
By a Former USMC Vietnam Vet
with All made in the USA. 


To Ebay
...contains...No Live Munition 
and CAN NOT be made to fire. 

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